Missionary Story: Wamdi 1

Here is the first part of a three-part true story about a girl growing up in Nigeria who was persecuted for her faith:

A lot of us have those things in common. But did you know that there are people around the world who don’t live like us? Children all around the world learn in many different ways. You might study in a classroom or on a computer. Some children might study outside or in a room with kids all different ages. Here are some pictures of children around the world learning and studying. In fact, some boys and girls don’t go to school at all because they need to learn how to plant and harvest crops instead. In some countries, all the people in the village get together every night to eat supper. But they don’t use tables, plates, forks and knives. They all eat straight from a large pot with their hands. Even though people live many different ways in different countries around the world, there are some things that everyone has in common. Can you name some? One thing everyone in the whole world has in common is their need to hear about Jesus. The reason we need Jesus is because all of us have sin in our lives, the things we do that break God’s law. If anyone has sinned, even once, we will be punished by being separated from God forever. But God had a rescue plan. He sent His own Son Jesus to come to earth as a man. Jesus lived a perfect life and yet he died on the cross for our sins to take the punishment we deserved for breaking God’s laws. But he didn’t stay dead. Three days after he died, he rose from the dead fully alive! Now, he is in heaven with God. If you believe in Jesus and follow Him you can be saved from the punishment of your sins and then you can tell people about Jesus. We call people missionaries who tell others about who Jesus is and what He has done. Over the next three Sundays we are going to hear about a girl who made friends with a missionary named Miss Frances. Miss Frances was a teacher who told her students about Jesus. They lived in a country in Africa called Nigeria. Can you say that with me? (Say with children; show on a map or globe.) We will hear how God used Miss Frances to help a girl named Wamdi (Wahm dee) from the Tangale (Tangle) tribe. Wamdi was going through a hard time. Who knows? Maybe this true story will encourage you to tell others about Jesus and be a missionary to your friends. So let’s start the story about Wamdi-

Nervously patting her dress, Wamdi hesitated outside the schoolroom door. Beyond that door lay a whole new world—a world of pencils and paper and books. But it was a world of mystery and fear too! In Wamdi’s village in the African country of Nigeria, they believed bad things would happen to you if you talked with the missionary or went to the missionary school. But Wamdi was curious—so curious that she was willing to brave meeting the missionary and find out for herself what the world was like inside the schoolroom. Her eyes glowing with excitement at the prospect of trying something new, she slipped through the door. She stayed in the back of the room, hoping the missionary teacher wouldn’t notice her. But the missionary teacher, Miss Frances, saw her! “Hello,” she said kindly. “You may come in if you want.” Slowly Wamdi walked forward. Miss Frances showed her where she could sit and handed her a pencil and paper.
Wamdi awkwardly held the slender wooden stick in her hand. She thought about the bad things she heard would happen if she talked to the missionaries and joined their school. Wamdi shivered at the thought of what might happen to her but she stayed anyway. “Now, Wamdi, this is how you write the first letter of the alphabet of your language,” Miss Frances said. She placed the pencil correctly in Wamdi’s hand and guided her fingers. Wamdi looked at her hand and Miss Frances’s hand covering it. How warm and friendly it felt! Forgetting her fear and shyness, she smiled at the kind face above hers. Miss Frances smiled back. Before Wamdi left, Miss Frances invited her to come back the next day. Will Wamdi go back to the school and see Miss Frances again? You will need to come back next week!

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