Our hope is that everyone who comes to our church and calls us family lives out life beyond Sunday Gatherings. Listed below is the description of our Radiant Family.

  1. Our first desire is that everyone would come into a right relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord through the good news of the Gospel. Don’t know what the Gospel is? Click the link to know more.
  2. Next, we believe that Sunday Gatherings, while not the only part of being the church, is still essential. If you call yourself a part of Radiant, Sunday Gatherings should be a regular habit to be refreshed by worshipping God together as one big family
  3. Part of gathering as the family also means outside of Sunday. Gospel Communities are the primary we way we do this. At GC’s we live together in everyday rhythms. We celebrate together. We bless each other. We eat together. We recreate together. We tanibly spread the Gospel to Fairbanks together.
  4. We also ask our family to use their gifts to further encourage our body and reach into our city with the Gospel. We imitate Jesus as the one who perfectly demostrated servanthood. There are many ways for you to serve and we will have our Serve Page updated soon!
  5. Lastly, we give as a family. Whether materially rich or poor, Christians are wealthy beyond all measure due to the generosity of Jesus (Eph. 1:3). Having received generously, we therefore give generously. Not out of a sense of guilt, but a heartfelt Joy, in the knowledge of what Jesus has done for us. Click this link to give online or you can give at one of our Sunday Gatherings.


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