Radiant Kids Lesson Blog

Here are descriptions and narratives for our Sunday morning lessons.

Lesson 151: Jesus Prays

Lesson 150: The Last Supper

Lesson 149: Mary anoints Jesus

Lesson 148: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Lesson 147: Jesus Opposes the Religious Sinners

Lesson 146: The Samaritan and Canaanite Women

Lesson 145: Jesus visits Mary and Martha

Lesson 144: Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

Lesson 139: Hallowed be Thy Name

Lesson 138: Salt and Light

Lesson 136: Blessed are the peacemakers

Lesson 135: Blessed are the pure in heart

Lesson 134: Blessed are the merciful

Lesson 133: Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Missionary Story- Wamdi 3

Missionary Story: Wamdi 2

Missionary Story: Wamdi 1

Lesson 132: Blessed are the Meek

Lesson 131: Blessed are Those Who Mourn

Lesson 130: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.

What does it mean to be blessed (Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount)?

Lesson 129: Talents and Gifts

Lesson 128: Forgiveness

Lesson 127: Who is my Neighbor?

Lesson 126: The Workers’ Reward

Lesson 125: Lost and Found

Lesson 124: The Wheat and the Weeds

Lesson 123: The Parable of the Sower and the Soils

Lesson 122: The Transfiguration of Jesus

Lesson 121: Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life

Lesson 120: The Fish and the Coin

Lesson 119: the Centurion and the Gentile Woman

Lesson 118: Jesus Walks on Water

Lesson 117: Jesus Feeds MANY

116: A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman

115: Jesus Heals a Leper and Paralytic

Lesson 114: Jesus Makes Fishers of Men

Lesson 113: Good News for the Oppressed OR The Year of the Lord’s Favor

Lesson 112: Jesus Heals an Official’s Son

Lesson 111: The Samaritan Woman at the Well

Lesson 110: Nicodemus Talks to Jesus

Lesson 109: The Wedding at Cana

Lesson 108: Jesus in the Wilderness

Lesson 107: The baptism of Jesus

Lesson 106: John prepares the way

Lesson 105: Jesus at the Temple

Lesson 104: Magi visit Jesus

Lesson 103: The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 102: Mary Receives Amazing News

Lesson 101: The birth of John the Baptizer

Lesson 100: One God, many epochs