Radiant Kids Chronological Bible Lessons

A note for parents and teachers:

Though these lessons are formatted and structured to be understandable to children, they contain timeless and priceless truths from Scripture that are profoundly rich and important for all believers. It is the prayer of the leadership at Radiant that children will not simply hear the truths from adults, but more importantly SEE the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in bringing these truths to Life in the hearts and lives of their parents and teachers. True disciples of Jesus never stop learning and maturing!

Please see the documents that attempt to describe the goals and precepts of the Family Ministry:

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Lesson 1. Creation, Part 1

Lesson 2. Creation of Adam and Eve

Lesson 3. Sabbath Rest

Lesson 4. The Fall

Lesson 5. Cain and Abel

Lesson 6. Building the Ark

Lesson 7. The Big Flood

Lesson 8. Tower of Babel

Lesson 9. God Blesses Abram

Lesson 10. Abraham's Visitors

Lesson 11. Angels Visit Lot

Lesson 12. Abrahams Faith

Lesson 13. Rebekah becomes a bride

Lesson 14. The Different Twins

Lesson 15. God Provides Water for Isaac

Lesson 16. Jacob Tricks Isaac

Lesson 17. Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel

Lesson 18. Jacob Returns Home

Lesson 19. Joseph and His Brothers

Lesson 20. Joseph Becomes a Slave

Lesson 21. Pharaoh's Dream

Lesson 22. Joseph's Brothers go to Egypt

Lesson 23. Joseph forgives his brothers

Lesson 24. Jacob's family moves to Egypt

Lesson 25. The baby Moses

Lesson 26. God Speaks to Moses

Lesson 27. Moses and Aaron speak to Pharaoh

Lesson 28. The Plagues of Egypt, Part 1

Lesson 29. The Plagues of Egypt, Part 2

Lesson 30. The Passover

Lesson 31. Crossing the Red Sea

Lesson 32. Food From Heaven

Lesson 33. Water From a Rock

Lesson 34. Gods Ten Commandments

Lesson 35. The Golden Calf

Lesson 36. The Tabernacle

Lesson 37. God sends Quail

Lesson 38. Miriam and Aaron Complain

Lesson 39. Afraid of Giants

Lesson 40. God's High Priest

Lesson 41. God Provides Water Again

Lesson 42. God heals Snakebites