Gospel Communities

Gospel communities are the primary way we connect with each other and live our lives around the gospel on mission. This is our way of being the church outside of our Sunday gatherings.

These groups are smaller (10-20 people) groups within Radiant Church who see themselves as a community (Family) that lives out the mission of God together (Missionaries) in a specific area or to a particular people group by demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms (Servants) and declaring the gospel to others-both those who believe it and those being exposed to it (Disciples).

Each group gathers together regularly to live out the gospel in the everyday rhythms of life.  They celebrate together, bless each other, eat together, recreate, listen to each other and live out of the story of God together. Gospel Communities are the means through which Radiant mobilizes people together on mission and connects people to a caring community.

Take a look at our current Gospel Communities! This is a new page so more will be added as we gather information in the next few weeks. Please text/call before you go to a GC to make sure you know where the GC meeting will be held and to introduce yourself.